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Generate a Textual Report from the Database

You can generate a detailed report on the data matching a set of filters from the visualization. These reports are stored permanently, and each one is assigned a universally unique identifier (UUID). The reports can be accessed later if the UUID, or the complete URL, is known, so be sure to save either of those. The URL to a report can also be interpolated from its UUID. For instance, a hypothetical report on this website with the UUID 01234567-0123-4567-8901-2345-012345678901 would have the URL

Access an Existing Report

If you know the UUID to an existing report, you can paste it in the field below, and then click Go to report to access it directly:

Generate a New Report

Upload a visualization state file to generate a report. Alternatively, you can generate the report from inside the visualization with its current state by clicking on the Generate report button in the settings pane.